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For the longest time, the Twin Cities were most famous for the Twins and Prairie Home Companion, hosted by a hometown hero. As of 2011 though, the city took on a whole new persona with the adoption of a law allowing taprooms within the city limits.

Of course, you could always fire up your ’97 Tercel to chauffeur a few buddies around on a taproom crawl (all while staying under the legal limit, naturally). Or, you can provide your circle of friends with a night of everlasting memories by renting a party bus for your taproom tour.

A Taproom…What’s That?

If you haven’t heard, taprooms are sweeping across Minneapolis and establishing a reputation as a place to taste quality craft beer in a relaxed setting, with some even providing the chance to learn more about the brewing process. Purists will be delighted by the fact that a taproom is only stocked with a brewery’s own beer, which can be consumed on the spot or taken home in a growler (half gallon) for later. A taproom is also a great spot to spend time with friends, co-workers, or even the rowdiest of family members while tasting some of the finest brew that Minneapolis has to offer.

Beer enthusiasts will be pleased to learn that taprooms can be found in all corners of the Twin Cities, although this may pose a problem for those who are without convenient transportation and insider information about the best and bubbliest backroom breweries. Happily, we have a solution. Enter, the party bus.

Hop on Your Own Party Bus for a Top-Notch Taproom Tour

As Minneapolis’s premier party bus provider, we pride ourselves on offering all the tools required to have the night of your life; the rest is up to you. Each of our party buses is outfitted with its own unique special features, ranging from a spot for kegs, a sound system and laser lights, and plenty of seating for everyone. And don’t worry about having to stop along the way to empty your bladder—buses are equipped with bathrooms. You may even find a pole or two for exotic dancing and endless entertainment. Of course, every bus permits alcohol and tobacco use.

The best part, though? While you enjoy yourself, we’ll be taking you along a trail of taprooms. We’ll act as your event planner, personal GPS, and designated driver so that you can indulge in stress-free fun.

Interested? Get your tour now!

Your next night out with friends doesn’t have to be a dud, and plus, don’t you owe your best friends a few hours of fun? Contact us today for more information on how you can rent your own party bus for a taproom tour. Book Now!

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