Our company is growing and we are looking to hire for many positions.


Part-Time Weekend Bus Drivers, Full Time Diesel Mechanics, Carpenters, Cleaners and more! 


If you have questions, please call our office at 612-226-1188.


Great Reasons To Join Our Team

  • Make $55 – $65 per hour
  • Its weekend & part-time work
  • There is never a dull moment working for us
  • There is always something new going on
  • Meet and interact with amazing groups of people going out on the town
  • You get to make really good money having fun

You Must Have

  • CDL (Commercial Drivers License)
  • Passenger Endorsement
  • Health Card

What We Are Looking For

  • A clean driving record
  • Be able to conduct yourself professionally with clients event under stress
  • Personable
  • Patient
  • Dependable
  • Be able to concentrate with distractions
  • Able to work independently
  • Knowledge of bus operations
  • Good understanding of DOT rules

Bus Driver Inquiry

Please complete the form below and we’ll get back to you!

Bus Driver Inquiry

Join our team! Become a Party Bus driver with the industry leader in Minnesota.
  • Please list your driving experience. School Buses / Transit Buses / Coach Buses / Dock Trucks, and how long.


Please complete our online application here: Mechanic Online Application

Some Great Reasons To Join Our Team As A Mechanic

  • We allow for a flexible schedule
  • Work with a dependable team

What We Are Looking For

  • Dependable
  • Able to work independently
  • Knowledge of diesel repair

Location We Are Hiring In

  • Twin Cities, MN
  • Rochester, MN
  • St Cloud, MN
  • Mankato, MN
  • Duluth, MN
  • Eau Claire, WI