Halloween Party Bus

Halloween Party Bus

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Halloween Party Bus

With Halloween quickly approaching, time is running out to plan the perfect Halloween activity. If you want to hit the bars – costume optional – with your friends, check out as many Hallow’s Eve parties as possible, and stay safe while doing so, then you need to check out a party bus.

A Party…on a Bus?

Halloween Party BusWhile a party on a bus may leave you scratching your head at first mention, our party buses are designed to provide the best that a fun night out has to offer. All buses are smoke and drink-friendly, which means that you don’t have to ditch your beer before hopping aboard. Party buses are equipped with limo seating for up to 45, light up dance poles, a great sound system, air conditioning, hardwood floors, multicolor lighting, laser lighting, a wet bar, restroom, space for a keg, and more. While you can always opt to chauffeur your friends around in your old beat-up junker while you stay sober, wouldn’t you rather participate in the fun on one of the rowdiest nights of the year?

Singles Halloween Party Bus Event

If you have a large group or friends or coworkers who are looking to get a little crazy this Halloween, you can rent out your very own party bus with enough room to accommodate everyone. Or, if you’re single and looking to hit it off with others who share the same relationship status, buying tickets to our singles Halloween party bus event is the perfect way. Whether it’s the wicked warlocks or the voluptuous vampires that get your pulse racing, Halloween is one of the best times of the year to meet other singles. No couples allowed on this bus ride, please.

Hit the Best Bars in Town

Minneapolis is known for its bars, and the best of them are bound to be raging on Halloween weekend. If you want to bar hop amongst the most popular places for drinks, dancing, and debauchery in all of downtown, let us act as your driver, GPS, and personal chauffeur throughout the night.

Staying on the Safe Side

On Halloween, things are bound to get a little out of hand. While you may have one-too-many to drink, say the incorrect thing, or end up going home with the wrong person, one thing’s for sure – by traveling via party bus, you’ll avoid all of the hassle and harm that comes with getting a DUI. If you plan on drinking this Halloween, then we’ll happily act as your designated driver.

 Sound Great? Reserve Today

Our Halloween party buses are going quick, so if you want to spend fall’s best holiday cruising the town and hitting up the bars in your very own party bus, you’ve gotta make a move on booking your bus today. We’ll pick you up, drop you off, and take you home, all while you party hard with friends, co-workers, strangers, or other singles. Undecided? You can always stay home and carve pumpkins, gorging yourself on Halloween candy in the interim instead…

Photo Credit: silkolive via Compfight cc

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