Sweetheart Dance Party Bus

STEP 1 !

Read our Sweetheart Party Bus rules

STEP 2 !

Have the parents book online

STEP 3 !

Tell your friends and get ready

Sweetheart Party Bus

Plan the Best Sweetheart Dance in Minnesota




It’s true! A group event is a lot more fun and a lot safer!

A Party Bus or Limo Bus for a Sweetheart Dance is win-win for the students, parents, and schools! We provide a stylish and safe way for students to get around from the march, to dinner, pictures, the dance, after party, and finally safely home after. Parent’s deserve a peace of mind knowing their kids are in good hands and are surround by their friends. The students also deserve the perfect Party Bus one of the most memorable days of their lives. RentMyPartyBus, Inc. has become Minnesota’s largest and most trusted livery transportation company because we are dedicated to the work we provide and the customers we cater to.

We only hire the BEST drivers

Unlike other Party Bus companies, we have a very strict selection process for our drivers. They must have many years of commercial experience, a good knowledge of the Twin Cities roads and highways, must be timely, and have a friendly personality.

We also have the highest driver retention. Most of our drivers have been with us for years, and a number of them since we originally opened in 1998.

Clean buses are a MUST

Cleanliness is something we take very seriously. We have professional cleaners that not only clean but also deodorize our buses after every trip. We guarantee that our Sweetheart Party Buses will be clean so the group can arrive at their event in style. No matter which bus you choose or how much you pay, we promise you will receive our highest level of service.

We have more buses then a Zebra has stripes

We are the largest Party Bus company in Minnesota with 15 buses in service and more buses on the way! We got this big with hard work and dedication to our company and our customers.

On-Call Mechanics

Not only do we have a back-up party bus, we also have at least one on-call mechanic available at our facility at all times.

GPS tracking

We have GPS tracking on every bus.

No hidden fees!

We’re the only company that has our Party Bus Prices listed online and up-front. This helps minimize any possible confusion and make sure every couple knows their share of the bus rental.

Sweetheart Party Bus Rates

Make sure you check our Sweetheart Dance Rules towards the bottom

Tier 1

(10-15 Passengers)


Tier 2

(10-20 Passengers)


Tier 3

(20-35 Passengers)


Tier 4

(20-35 Passengers, excluding Black Phantom and White Pearl)


Tier 4 – Black Phantom

(20-35 Passengers)


Tier 4 – White Pearl

(20-35 Passengers, Coach Party Bus)


Tier 5

(20-35 Passengers, Coach Limo Bus)


Check our our Party Buses here: Buses Page

Sweetheart Dance Party Bus Rules

We want you to have the best experience possible

We want the group to have the best experience possible! These are some rules we want the groups and parents to follow to make sure everything goes smoothly.


We require that a parent or legal guardian makes the reservation online. We will not accept a reservation from a student, an older sibling, or friend. We will make follow up phone calls with the parents to make sure all the information is accurate.

On Pick Up

A parent must be available on pick up. They will have to sign a form and help the students get ready.


We allow refreshments such as water, pop, Gatorade, etc, but the parent will have to be responsible for it. Parents will need to loading the bus with any refreshments for the students. All bottles, cans, etc, must to be unopened. Students will not be allowed to bring any refreshments on or off the bus.


We will not allow any alcohol on board and we will actively monitor the students.

During The Trip

A parent or parents must be available on call if needed.

On Drop Off

A parent should be be present on drop off to help the students unload.

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