NYE 2015 Party Bus Rentals!

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New Year’s Eve 2015 Party Bus Rentals

Another New Year’s Eve is quickly approaching, and as 2014 comes to a close, you have one big question to ask yourself: What will you be doing this New Year’s Eve?

NYE Minneapolis 2015

If you’re undecided, unsure, or plan on banging a few pots and pans at midnight from your front porch, you need to rethink your lifestyle choices. This 2015, you’re not going to be the boring friend who sits at home—you’re going to be the risk-taker, the thrill-seeker, the go-doer… To help you get you started, you need to kick off 2015 with a bang. A party bus is the solution.

Celebrate This New Year’s Like You’ve Always Dreamed of Doing

We’ve all seen the movies: the fancy celebrities, the people who’ve made it big, the rich and the famous dishing it up and dancing like crazy, fireworks exploding in the sky, and glitzy dresses and champagne glasses adorning the perfectly-happy individuals, all of whom are engaged in tantalizing conversation. This year, that could be you. Throw on something fancy, let your hair down (figuratively or literally), grab some champagne, and start popping bottles. You’ll get to do it all within the comfort of your party bus of choice, which comes equipped with some hot features, allows drinking, stops at requested bars and clubs, provides plenty of room for all of your friends, and gets you to and from each location without having to worry about a DUI.

Silver, Platinum, and Diamond – Oh My!

When choosing the party bus that’s best for your New Year’s Eve needs, know that buses are ranked in tiers of silver, platinum, or diamond. Our silver bus is the least expensive, but by no means should it be thought of as any less swanky than the others—this bus has seating for 16, light up panels, laser lights, a cooler for drinks, a great sound system, and more.

If you need to accommodate a group larger than 16, then upgrading to a platinum or diamond-level bus is a necessity. You’ll be able to choose between the Night Rider bus, the Pink Diamond, the White Mini, the Limo Shuttle, the Orange Harley, the Black Jack, the Rock Bus, the DJ Mini, the White Knight, the Wild Cherry, the Blue Diamond, the Mardi Gras, or the Platinum. These buses offer seating for up to 45 passengers, may have dancing poles or kegs, have light up panels, awesome sound systems, and more. For a ride that will really impress your friends, platinum or diamond is a must.

Costs, Reservations, and More

Party buses are priced at $800, $1,000, or $1,200 for silver, platinum, or diamond buses respectively. Each reservation includes four hours’ worth of ride time, with each additional hour past the fourth hour costing $50. Reservations for these party buses are going fast, so if you’re interested in having a New Year’s Eve celebration that you’re sure to remember, you need to book today. Have questions? Feel free to contact us for more info.

Photo credit: Gabriela Purri R. Gomes


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Christmas Light Tours Minnesota

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Christmas Light Tours

christmas lights tour minneapolis

christmas lights tour minneapolis

The jolliest time of the year is here – the Christmas season is upon us! If you’re a person who can’t get enough of holiday cheer, then the idea of a Christmas light tour is bound to leave you glowing. With award winning light displays throughout the city of Minneapolis, you’ll find twinkling trees, bright bulbs, sparkling snowmen, and more on city streets, residential homes, and historic buildings throughout the city. And to take it all in, nothing is better than a party bus where you can enjoy the lights while sipping on spiked eggnog, spiced rum, winter-brewed beers, or any other adult beverage of choice.

Christmas Light Tours in Minneapolis, Minnesota

If you’re unsure what a holiday party bus actually is, here’s some information that will help to clear up the confusion: a party bus is just what it sounds like – a fun-on-wheels experience where you, your friends, your family, and anyone else cruises in style around the city. The party bus will pick you up at a set location of choice, has plenty of room for any beverage you want to bring, and provides you with a guided tour experience that’s complete with a designated driver. Love looking at lights but hate the Minneapolis cold? Cozy up inside, enjoy holiday music, and view the magic of Christmas in comfort.

Have you been naughty or nice this holiday season?

For those who are single, love to party, or have been dying for a night out, the Naughty or Nice Party Bus Ride is just the ticket. This 21+ adult Christmas light tour really puts the “ho, ho, ho!” into the Christmas season, and may determine what you get in your stocking this year. This year, you can purchase two Naughty or Nice Party Bus Ride tickets for just $39, an $80 value. Need a gift idea for that wild friend of yours? Nothing says, “You’re my best drinking buddy,” like a ticket for this crazy holiday ride.

Christmas Light Tours for Families

We realize that Christmas lights aren’t just enjoyable for those who love debauchery, which is why you and your family can enjoy a kid-friendly version of the tour on one of our family oriented holiday Christmas light tours buses. These family-friendly tours run from December 1st to December 30th, and are available for sign up Monday through Sunday. This $60 value is currently available for two for just $29.

Sound like the magical holiday experience you’ve been dreaming of? Get Your Tickets Now

The pickup for the Christmas Light Tours via party bus will be at Cowboy Jack’s in Bloomington at 7:00 PM. Before you show up, though, make sure you buy your tickets in advance as space is limited.

If a Christmas light tour sounds fantastic, but you have a large group of friends or family that you want to bring along, consider booking a private party bus for your group.

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Party Bus Deals Specials Minneapolis

New Party Bus Specials Minneapolis

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Check out our New Party Bus Specials

We have a deal for any event you can think of… from getting a Free Hour on top of your rental, getting $100 Off, and even discounted Tap Room Tours and Brewery Tours!

Deals are updated every couple of weeks and can be found our our Rates page.

For questions email us at info@rentmypartybus.com or call 612-226-1188.

Here are the current specials:

Party Bus Deals Specials Minneapolis

Party Bus Deals Specials Minneapolis

Party Bus Specials Minneapolis

Party Bus Specials Minneapolis


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